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One model or many? Exchange rates determinants and their predictive capabilities


Measuring the uncertainty of shadow economy estimates using Bayesian and frequentist model averaging
Co-authors: Bartosz Olesiński, Andrzej Torój, Marek Rozkrut



Jakie czynniki decydują o konkurencyjności eksportu? Analiza na podstawie Bayesowskiego uśredniania modeli.
National Science Centre, Poland, grant No.2017/25/N/HS4/01424



Institutional determinants of export competitiveness among the EU countries: evidence from Bayesian model averaging
Economic modelling
Co-author: Beata Bierut


Currency demand and MIMIC models: towards a structured hybrid method of measuring the shadow economy
International Tax and Public Finance, 2019
Co-authors: Michał Kowalczuk, Bartosz Olesiński, Andrzej Torój, Marek Rozkrut


To SVAR or to SVEC? On the transmission of capital buffer shocks to the real economy
Bank i Kredyt, 2017
Co-authors: Bartosz Olesiński, Piotr Pękała, Andrzej Torój


Is Exchange Rate Moody? Estimating the Influence of Market Sentiments With Google Trends
Econometric Research in Finance, 2017
Co-authors: Michał Chojnowski


What Determines the Current Account:Intratemporal versus Intertemporal Factors
Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, 2017
Co-authors: Michał Rubaszek