Advanced Econometrics / Ekonometria Zaawansowana

Introduction to R

Part 1. Cross section and panel data methods


Topic 1: OLS, MLE and related topics. Primer. (download)

Topic 2: Endogeneity and Instumental Variables. (download)

Topic 3: Simultaneous equations. (download)

Topic 4: Panel data. (download)

Homework 1: download

Homework 2: download

Part 2. Time series methods and Bayesian econometrics


Topic 5: Time series methods. VAR models. (download)

Topic 6: Introduction to Bayesian econometrics. (download)

Topic 7: Bayesian VAR. (download)

Topic 8: Time series forecasting. (download)

R scripts

Data: dataJIE.csv

Topic 5: Time series methods. VAR models. T5a.R; T5b.R

Topic 6: Introduction to Bayesian econometrics. T6a.R; T6b.R; T6c.R

Topic 7: Bayesian VAR. T7a.R; T7b.R; T7_Functions.R

Topic 8: Forecasting. T8.R; T8_Functions.R

Homework 3: download


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GRADES (max 40 points, 4x10 for each presentation/housework)

0 - 15 : ndst
16 - 19: dst
20-23: dst+
24-28: db
29-33: db+
34-40: bdb