Jakub MuŠk: Publications

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Journal Articles:

  1. Growiec J. and MuŠk J., Isoelastic Elasticity of Substitution Production Functions, forthcoming in Macroeconomic Dynamics, [url], [working paper version].
  2. Hagemejer J. and MuŠk J., (2019), Export-led growth and its determinants Evidence from CEEC countries, The World Economy, 42(7), pp. 1994-2025, [url] , [working paper version], [Vox column].
  3. Growiec J., McAdam P. and MuŠk J., (2018), Endogenous Labor Share Cycles: Theory and Evidence, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 87, pp. 74-93, [url], [working paper].
  4. MuŠk J., McAdam P. and Growiec J., (2018), Will the ''True'' Labor Share Stand Up? An Applied Survey on Labor Share Measures, Journal of Economic Surveys, 32(4), pp. 961-984, [url], [working paper].
  5. Ca` Zorzi M., MuŠk J. and Rubaszek M., (2016), Real Exchange Rate Forecasting and PPP: This Time the Random Walk Loses, Open Economies Review, 27(3), pp. 585-609, [url], [working paper], [Matlab Codes], [Vox column].

Working Papers:

  1. Gradzewicz M. and MuŠk J., (2019), Globalization and the fall of markups, [url] .
  2. Growiec J., McAdam P. and MuŠk J., (2018), On the Optimal Labor Income Share, [url], [Vox column].
  3. MuŠk J., (2017), Elasticity of substitution between labor and capital: robust evidence from developed economies, [url].
  4. MuŠk J., Skrzypczy˝ski P., (2012), Can we beat the random walk in forecasting CEE exchange rates?, [url].

Other Publications:

  1. MuŠk J., (2012), An investigation of the reponse of selected long-run growth models to stochastic shock, Bank and Credit, 43(4), pp. 85-119, [url, in polish].