Growth Theory

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Lecture 1. Overview of Growth Theory: Slides #1, Baseline Empirical Evidence: Slides #2.
Lecture 2. Exogenous Growth: Solow and Mankiw-Romer-Weil Models: Slides.
Lecture 3. Pontryagin Maximum Principle: Slides #1, Ramsey Model: Slides #2.
Lectures 4-6. Endogenous Growth. AK Model. Jones-Manuelli Model. Uzawa-Lucas Model. Growth with Externalities. : Slides Part #1, Slides Part #2.
Lecture 7. Endogenous Technical Change. Romer Model: Slides.
Lecture 8. Schumpeterian (Quality Ladder) Growth Model: Slides.
Lecture 9. Uzawa Balanced Growth Theorem: Slides. Scale Effects. Jones Critique: Slides.
Lecture 10. Convergence. Technology Diffusion: Slides (zipped jpg's).
Lecture 11. The Hardware-Software Model: Slides.
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